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Problem mit Error Meldung

Started by Stahlblaue2 2021-02-07 at 12:46
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Hello, when you log in, change page to Offers, and when you confirm the Pay Ads the message appears:
Error MySQL DB connection
Please contact to site administrator. on.
The Pay Ads will not be remunerated (at the first attempt). And you have to update the Pay Ad, or the Bab Money page, before the Pay Ad is paid or the Offers page is displayed.

Hallo, beim Login, Seiten wechsel zu Offers, und beim Bestätigen der Pay Ads taucht die Meldung:
Error MySQL DB Conection
Please contact to site administrator. auf.
Die Pay Ads werden dadurch (im ersten Anlauf) nicht Vergütet. Und man muss den Pay Ad, oder die Seite Bab Money Aktualisieren, bevor der Pay Ad Vergütet wird, oder die Offers Seite Angezeigt wird.
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Sorry about this problem. There is probably an attack on the site and our server is processing 10 times more what it should be. This is a temporary situation, there could be the type of connectivity issues you encounter because of this attack.

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